Binance Releases New Proof of Reserves


In a move to reinforce investor confidence, Binance, the world’s preeminent cryptocurrency exchange, has disclosed its 14th Proof of Reserves (PoR). The latest data, as of January 1, indicates a substantial growth in user assets, particularly in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Tether (USDT).

Growth in Major Cryptocurrencies

The PoR update shows that users’ Bitcoin assets have increased by 2.65%, now totaling 575,000 BTC, which translates to an addition of 14,850 BTC. Ethereum holdings have also seen a rise, with a 2.9% increase bringing the total to 4 million ETH. Notably, USDT assets have experienced a significant surge of 4.45%, reaching 16.8 billion.

Importance of Proof of Reserves

Proof of Reserves is a critical mechanism in the cryptocurrency industry, providing verifiable assurance that exchanges hold sufficient reserves to back users’ assets on a 1:1 basis, along with additional reserves. This system is essential for ensuring that exchanges can safeguard against potential financial crises and maintain the ability to process withdrawals.

Challenges and Compliance Efforts

Despite facing legal challenges in 2023, including a $4.3 billion fine to settle lawsuits with US regulators and the stepping down of CEO Changpeng Zhao after pleading guilty to money laundering charges, Binance has continued to invest heavily in compliance. The company claims to have invested $213 million in its compliance program last year, a 35% increase from the previous year[1].

Transparency and Trust

Binance has been releasing its Proof of Reserves (PoR) data on a monthly basis since November 2022. Binance’s commitment to releasing periodic proofs of reserve underscores its dedication to transparency and trust-building within the crypto community. By providing users with a clear and accurate snapshot of their holdings, Binance enhances its reputation as a secure and reliable platform for cryptocurrency trading.

User benefit

Binance’s PoR system employs advanced cryptographic techniques, such as Merkle trees and zk-SNARKs, to enhance the privacy and security of user data during the verification process. These technologies allow users to independently verify that their account balances are included in the PoR audits, further increasing confidence in the safety of their assets


The release of Binance’s 14th Proof of Reserves is a testament to the exchange’s ongoing efforts to maintain transparency and build trust among its users. The growth in user assets across major cryptocurrencies reflects the platform’s robust health and the confidence of its user base. As the crypto industry continues to navigate through regulatory and trust issues, Binance’s PoR serves as a crucial step in demonstrating its financial stability and commitment to its customers.



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