BlackRock CIO Says Financial Advisors Are Not Buying Spot Bitcoin ETFs, As Interest Shifts To ETFSwap (ETFS)

BlackRock’s Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of ETFs, Samara Cohen, stated during a recent crypto summit in New York City that financial advisors are not buying Spot Bitcoin ETFs, noting that Bitcoin’s historical price volatility may be the cause. However, financial advisors are approaching ETFSwap (ETFS) for leveraged trading without the need for KYC and guaranteed maximum returns.

ETFSwap (ETFS) At The Forefront Of Redefining Spot Bitcoin ETFs Trading

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ETFSwap (ETFS) is built on the ERC20 standard. The platform facilitates seamless token swaps and liquidity provision, enabling users to effortlessly convert their assets into ETFs and vice versa. With this flexibility, investors can manage their portfolios more dynamically, reacting quickly to market changes without the usual restrictions of traditional financial platforms.

At ETFswap (ETFS), You can find a wide range of exchange-traded funds (ETFs), ranging from bonds and other fixed-income assets to cryptocurrencies and commodities. By utilizing a variety of market categories, this wide range enables investors to diversify their holdings and reduce risk. Whether looking to invest in leveraged ETFs (up to 10X) for short-term gains or commodity ETFs for hedging against inflation, ETFswap offers ETF screener & tracker, an AI fully designed to provide the best accurate recommendations based on data analysis.

Cyberscope, one of the leading and recognised crypto security firms, carried out an extensive audit on ETFSwap. The audit process, which included thorough risk assessments and analyses of cybersecurity risks, demonstrated ETFSwap’s unparalleled infrastructure and robust security measures against hackers.

ETFSwap (ETFS)  native token ETFS has rapidly gained traction in the crypto market as a result of the platform’s innovative utilities and robust infrastructure. The presale is currently selling out tokens fast with each token currently valued at $0.01831. Early birds can take advantage of the low price to buy tokens ahead of ETFSwap’s projected price leap to $0.03846 by the next presale stage.


BlackRock CIO Explains Why Financial Advisors Shun Spot Bitcoin ETFs

The launch of Spot Bitcoin ETFs in January was a major milestone. However, in a recent state of crypto summit held on the 13th of June in New York City, BlackRock’s CIO, Samara Cohen, disclosed that financial advisors are not buying Spot Bitcoin ETFs, citing the Bitcoin’s historical price volatility as the reason for stalling.

However, this doesn’t come as a surprise, as financial advisors are expected to carefully analyze data and risk factors to decide how Bitcoin (BTC) should fit into investment portfolios, taking into account risk tolerance and liquidity needs. “I would call them wary. That’s their job,” the BlackRock CIO stated

According to BlackRock’s CIO, Cohen, while the 13F filings have confirmed that a wide range of investors are buying shares in BlackRock’s Spot bitcoin ETFs, around 80% of interest comes from self-directed investors.

Although financial advisors are still wary, Bernstein, a significant asset manager overseeing $725 billion in assets, is optimistic about Bitcoin’s future. They project the BTC price could hit $1 million by 2033, with a potential peak of $200,000 by 2025. This forecast is fueled by the strong demand from Spot Bitcoin ETFs and BTC’s finite supply.


Despite financial advisors being wary of Spot Bitcoin ETFs, as the BlackRock CIO reveals, many analysts predict a 108X increase for the ETFSwap (ETFS) token as the demand for ETFs is set to rise with the introduction of Solana and Ripple ETFs.

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