Coinbase Launches Exclusive No-Fee Trading for Premier Investors

Coinbase is rolling out an attractive offer for VIP traders, introducing a zero-fee trading policy for those surpassing $500,000 in monthly transactions. This initiative aims to enhance the trading experience on Coinbase, offering a cost-effective solution for high-volume traders.

The company is enhancing its position in an increasingly competitive trading environment. This move is a strategic effort to bounce back from a recent downturn in transaction revenue, aiming to invigorate its market presence and attract more traders.

Coinbase Advanced for Elite Traders

Coinbase Advanced unveiled an upgrade for its fee structure specifically targeted towards experienced traders, offering superior fees and cost savings.

“We know that fees are one of the most important factors when it comes to selecting and trading on a crypto exchange”


To take advantage of lower trading fees on Coinbase, traders who frequently trade large volumes on other exchanges must first demonstrate their trading volume. After enjoying a 60-day period where no fees are charged, the monthly fees moving forward will depend on how much they trade each month, with different fees applied based on the level of their trading activity.

Moreover, Coinbase has set a specific 0.1% fee for big institutional clients who convert large sums (over $75 million) from USDC to USD.

This approach aims to make trading costs clear and manageable for all types of traders, ensuring they can make the most of their trading strategies without worrying about unpredictable fees.

Primarily based in the U.S., the company is broadening its global footprint. It has recently secured regulatory approvals in several countries, including France, Spain, Singapore, and Bermuda, allowing it to offer its services.

Furthermore, it has expanded its operations to encompass more than 20 countries across Africa, significantly increasing its international presence and accessibility to a wider audience.

This strategic expansion underscores the company’s commitment to global growth and providing services to a diverse international customer base.

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