Crypto Cuisine: Bitcoin-Infused Meal Boxes Transform South Korean Convenience Stores

In a groundbreaking move that intertwines the burgeoning world of cryptocurrency with everyday consumer experiences, South Korea’s convenience store landscape is witnessing a novel integration. Emart24, a leading convenience store chain in South Korea, has partnered with Bithumb, a prominent local cryptocurrency exchange, to launch an innovative product: Bitcoin Meal Boxes. This initiative not only marks a significant milestone in the acceptance and integration of digital currencies into mainstream retail but also offers a unique consumer experience that blends the convenience of quick shopping with the allure of cryptocurrency rewards.

The Bitcoin Meal Box Initiative

The Bitcoin Meal Box initiative by Emart24, in collaboration with Bithumb, is set to deploy around 30,000 meal boxes across its stores by the end of May 2024. Priced at approximately 5,900 Korean won (around $4.30), these meal boxes are not just a means to satiate hunger but also serve as a gateway for customers to delve into the world of cryptocurrencies. Each meal box purchase provides customers with an opportunity to win Bitcoin, thereby incentivizing the shopping experience with the potential for digital currency rewards.

How It Works

Upon purchasing a Bitcoin Meal Box, customers are introduced to a simple yet engaging process to potentially earn Bitcoin rewards. Each box contains a coupon that, when registered through Bithumb’s mobile application, rewards customers with 10,000 won worth of Bitcoin. Furthermore, an additional incentive is offered to those who open a Bitcoin account with NH Nonghyup Bank and link it to Bithumb, with an extra 20,000 won in Bitcoin deposited into their account. This strategic partnership not only encourages the adoption of cryptocurrencies but also enhances customer engagement through tangible rewards.

Bithumb’s Strategic Ambitions

The collaboration with Emart24 is a strategic move by Bithumb to solidify its position in the South Korean cryptocurrency market. As a pioneer in the Crypto Universe in South Korea, Bithumb aims to leverage this partnership to expand its user base and promote the adoption of digital currencies. The exchange is also working towards becoming the first crypto exchange to be listed in South Korea, reflecting its long-term growth aspirations and commitment to playing a significant role in the global finance landscape.

Cryptocurrency’s Growing Influence in South Korea

The launch of Bitcoin Meal Boxes comes at a time when South Korea is experiencing heightened activity and interest in the cryptocurrency sector. The country has seen a surge in crypto adoption rates, with a significant portion of the population holding cryptocurrencies. This initiative by Emart24 and Bithumb aligns with the broader trend of increasing digital money acceptance and showcases the innovative ways in which cryptocurrency can be integrated into everyday transactions.


The Bitcoin Meal Box initiative by Emart24 and Bithumb represents a significant step forward in the integration of cryptocurrencies into mainstream retail and consumer experiences. By offering a unique blend of convenience and the potential for digital currency rewards, this initiative not only enhances the shopping experience but also contributes to the growing acceptance and popularity of cryptocurrencies in South Korea. As the digital currency landscape continues to evolve, such innovative collaborations are likely to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of retail and finance.

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