How to Buy Apple Products With Crypto

The rise of digital currencies has opened up a world of possibilities, including purchasing Apple products. This is not as straightforward as swiping your usual credit card, but it’s not an insurmountable challenge either.

So, are you ready to discover how to navigate this exciting new frontier in e-commerce?

Ways to buy Apple products with crypto

As of time of writing Apple still does not accept cryptocurrencies directly so we show you ways to get past this minor hurdle. You can buy Apple gift cards with crpyto, find merchants who accept it directly for Apple products, or even use your crypto debit cards.

Apple gift cards

You can purchase Apple gift cards on platforms like Coinsbee, Coingate, Bitrefill, and Cryptorefills which you can then use to purchase Apple products. The price range value of the gift cards available to you on these platforms starts from 2 to 500 dollars allowing you plenty of flexibility based on your needs and spending requirements.


Coinsbee is an online platform that allows customers to purchase a variety of gift cards, including Apple gift cards, using cryptocurrencies. Customers can buy gift cards for e-commerce, games, payment cards, and mobile refills, and these gift cards can be used in over 165 countries.

Coinsbee is considered a legitimate and reliable platform, with a Trustpilot rating of 4.6 stars based on 255 reviews as of March 2023. The platform supports 174 cryptocurrencies and offers gift cards from over 2,500 regional and global brands.

Once you’ve bought the gift card, you can redeem it on the Apple store to purchase your desired product.


Coingate is a cryptocurrency payment gateway that allows businesses and individuals to buy, sell, manage, and accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Tron, Stellar, XRP, and many others. It supports over 70 cryptocurrencies and offers services in more than 100 countries.

Coingate also provides the option to purchase Apple gift cards using cryptocurrencies.

The process is simple and straightforward. You select the Apple gift card, choose the amount, and pay with your preferred cryptocurrency. Once the payment is confirmed, the gift card is delivered to your email within a few minutes. These gift cards can be used for purchasing Apple devices, Apple Music or iCloud subscriptions, and in-app purchases.


Bitrefill is a platform that allows users to purchase gift cards and supports transactions in over 186 countries.

Purchasing an Apple gift card on Bitrefill is a straightforward process. You select the product, denomination, and payment method, then pay with your preferred wallet. Typically, you will receive a receipt email with your gift card code within 0 to 10 minutes.

Bitrefill has a high customer satisfaction rate, with an average rating of 4.8 out of 213 reviews for Apple gift cards. It has been praised for its convenience, allowing users to spend their cryptocurrencies on real-world products and services without the need to convert to fiat currency.


For those interested in buying Apple gift cards with cryptocurrency, CryptoRefills offers a simple process. Customers can visit the CryptoRefills website or use their mobile app to select an Apple Store gift card, enter the desired amount (ranging from $5 to $500 for the US store), and choose their preferred cryptocurrency for payment. After the transaction is completed, the gift card code is delivered instantly via email.

These Apple gift cards can be used in the iTunes Store and are compatible with various Apple services and products.

Merchants who accept crypto directly for Apple products

Merchants like AppleBitcoins, AWB Store, Hoxton Macs, Crypto Emporium, and Newegg are ready to take your crypto directly in exchange for the latest Apple gadget.

Apple Bitcoins

The platform offers a diverse range of Apple products, including the latest iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, and Apple Watch models. The purchasing process is straightforward: you browse through their collection of Apple products, select the one you want, and pay with your preferred cryptocurrency while also often offering discounts up to 10% on all devices.

Apple Bitcoins employs robust security measures to protect customer information and transaction details, ensuring that every transaction conducted on the platform is secure. It also offers fast and free delivery worldwide for orders above 100 dollars, ensuring that your new Apple product arrives at your doorstep in a timely manner.

AWB Store

AWB Store, also known as Apple With Bitcoins, is an online retailer that specializes in selling Apple products for cryptocurrencies.

AWB Store offers a wide range of Apple products, including iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, and accessories. The store also provides discounts of up to 20% on certain products, making it a potentially cost-effective option for cryptocurrency users.

AWB Store is recognized as a reliable and trusted online retailer for purchasing Apple products with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It has been accepting Bitcoin as a valid payment method since 2017, making it more convenient for customers who prefer to use digital currencies.

Hoxton Macs

In the realm of crypto-friendly Apple retailers, Hoxton Macs stands out. They’ve embraced crypto, accepting payments via BitPay and Coinbase Commerce. These are two reliable and secure ways to use your cryptocurrency.

They enable you to buy your favorite Apple products using your digital currency. This means you can conveniently make purchases without the need for traditional payment methods.

With Hoxton Macs, you can have peace of mind knowing that your payment information is secure. They prioritize the safety of their customers’ transactions and ensure that your personal and financial data is protected. This makes it a trusted and reliable choice for crypto enthusiasts who want to buy Apple products.

Crypto Emporium

Crypto Emporium is an online marketplace that allows users to purchase a wide variety of products using cryptocurrencies. The company has positioned itself as a crypto-only e-commerce store, distinguishing it from traditional online retailers by exclusively accepting cryptocurrencies for transactions.

Customers can browse the selection of products, including Apple devices offered, select the desired item, and pay with their chosen cryptocurrency. The platform facilitates transactions by providing a unique wallet address to which customers send the total amount for their purchase within a specified time.


Newegg is an online retailer that offers a wide variety of products, including Apple goods such as iPads, MacBook Pros, the latest AirPods, and iPhones. Notably, Newegg accepts cryptocurrencies as a form of payment, facilitated through BitPay

To purchase Apple products with cryptocurrencies on Newegg, customers can simply add their desired items to the shopping cart and select BitPay as the payment method during checkout.

Crypto Debit cards

Crypto debit cards offer a straightforward way to purchase Apple products using your cryptocurrency. These cards convert your crypto into regular currency at the point of sale. You’ll find that many crypto providers, like BitPay and Coinbase, offer such cards. It’s a simple matter of applying for the card, loading your cryptocurrency onto it, and then using it just like a regular debit card.

The significant advantage of this method is its convenience. You can use it at any Apple Store, or indeed any retailer that accepts card payments. So, you’re not limited to specific platforms or sellers. Keep in mind that transaction fees may apply, and exchange rates can fluctuate. So, keep a close eye on your crypto balance and the current market rates.

How to get the best deals on Apple products

Start by checking out cryptocurrency marketplaces and using crypto shopping services.

Stay tuned in by subscribing to newsletters, alerts, following news and social media.

Check Marketplaces that accept Cryptocurrency

Scouring cryptocurrency marketplaces can land you some of the best deals on Apple products. These platforms offer a wide range of electronics, including the latest iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, and Apple Watches, often at competitive prices. They may list the prices in both crypto and fiat currencies, allowing you to compare the costs.

To get started, create an account on a reputable crypto marketplace. Once you’re logged in, search for your desired Apple product. Keep an eye on the price and the seller’s rating, as both can vary. Don’t forget to check if the product is new or used.

Use Crypto Shopping Services

These platforms allow you to purchase goods directly with your cryptocurrency, bypassing the need to convert your assets into fiat currency. Services like BitPay,, and Overstock support a wide range of cryptocurrencies and offer Apple products at competitive rates.

They also provide user-friendly interfaces, making your shopping experience smooth and straightforward. Remember to compare prices across different services to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

Also, check for any hidden fees before finalizing your purchase. By using crypto shopping services, you’re not only utilizing your digital currency effectively but also potentially bagging a bargain on your next Apple purchase.

Subscribe to Newsletters and Alerts

Another great way to get better deals is to subscribe to newsletters and alerts from trusted sites that track Apple product prices.

These newsletters and alerts can give you a heads up on price drops, sales events, and exclusive crypto deals. You’ll also be first in line to know when new products are about to hit the shelves.

Whether you’re looking for an iPhone, MacBook, or Apple Watch, these alerts can help you buy your desired Apple products with crypto at the best possible price. It’s a smart move that could save you a lot of money and time.

Follow News and Social Media

Apple often announces discounts and special promotions on their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages. Following tech influencers and blogs can also be helpful as they regularly post about the latest Apple deals. They’ll give you the heads-up on price reductions, flash sales, or when Apple starts accepting crypto for their products.

Benefits of buying Apple products with crypto

From lower transaction fees to increased security, privacy and the ease of cross-border payments there are a lot of benefits.

Lower Transaction Fees

One significant benefit of using crypto for your Apple purchases is the potential for lower transaction fees. When you buy Apple products with traditional methods, you’re often slapped with processing fees, leading to higher overall costs. However, crypto transactions can help reduce these fees.

Cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin or Ethereum, operate on decentralized networks. This means there’s no need for a middleman, such as a bank or credit card company, to process the transaction. This means you will not be charged any extra fees apart from the usual network fees, which are generally lower than those charged by traditional financial institutions.

Security and Privacy

Beyond the cost savings offered by crypto transactions, it’s important to consider the enhanced security and privacy this payment method provides when purchasing Apple products.

Unlike credit card transactions that require personal information, crypto payments only need your digital wallet address. This anonymity shields you from identity theft and fraud.

As all transactions are transparent and recorded permanently on the blockchain, it makes it nearly impossible for anyone to alter or forge your transaction history.

Ease of Cross-Border Payments

When you’re in another country and want to buy Apple products, using crypto eliminates the need for currency exchange, making the process smoother.

Crypto transactions aren’t bound by geographical limitations. You can make payments from anywhere in the world, without worrying about exchange rates or bank charges. This also means quicker transactions as you don’t have to wait for bank approvals.

Crypto transactions are universal. Regardless of where the seller is based, the transaction will occur in the same manner.

Access to Banking Solutions

You’ll have direct access to modern banking features such as instant transactions and minimal fees often associated with crypto payments. The convenience and efficiency are exceptional, and you’ll appreciate the ease of managing your finances.

Using crypto for your Apple purchases can help you bypass traditional banking hurdles. It’s especially handy if you’re in areas with limited banking infrastructure or strict financial regulations. With crypto, you’re not bound by geographical limitations or banking hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Return or Exchange Apple Products Purchased With Crypto?

Yes, you can return or exchange Apple products bought with crypto. However, it’s crucial to check Apple’s return policy. Refunds might be in the same form of crypto or potentially a gift card.

Are There Any Additional Fees When Buying Apple Products With Crypto?

Some platforms might charge transaction fees for crypto purchases. It’s best to check with the specific service you’re using to avoid surprises.

How Secure Is It to Buy Apple Products Using Cryptocurrency?

When you’re buying any product using cryptocurrency, it’s generally secure. However, you’ve to ensure you’re using a reputable crypto wallet and the vendor accepts crypto transactions.

Can I Use Multiple Types of Cryptocurrencies to Buy a Single Apple Product?

Yes, you can use multiple types of cryptocurrencies to buy a single Apple product. It depends on the retailer’s acceptance of various cryptocurrencies. Always check their payment methods before proceeding with your purchase.

Is It Possible to Buy Apple Products With Crypto in All Regions or Countries?

It’s not possible to buy products with crypto in all regions or countries. Policies vary and some places don’t accept crypto. You’ll need to check your specific region’s guidelines for using crypto as payment.


The convergence of cryptocurrency and Apple product purchases unveils innovative avenues for enthusiasts.

While Apple doesn’t directly accept crypto, platforms like Coinsbee, Coingate, Bitrefill, and Cryptorefills enable buying Apple gift cards with digital currency. Merchants such as AppleBitcoins and Newegg accept crypto directly, offering diverse product options. Crypto debit cards from BitPay and Coinbase provide a straightforward method for in-store purchases. Make sure to also check what other electronics you can buy with crypto.

To secure optimal deals, explore crypto marketplaces and services like BitPay and Subscribing to newsletters and following social media updates enhances awareness of exclusive deals. Beyond cost savings, crypto transactions offer lower fees, heightened security, privacy, and efficient cross-border payments. Access to modern banking features further streamlines the purchasing process.

As e-commerce evolves, the intersection of crypto and Apple products presents an exciting frontier, reshaping how users acquire tech gadgets in the digital age.

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