Justin Sun reflects on 8-year crypto journey with Vitalik Buterin

In a recent tweet, Justin Sun, founder of blockchain-based decentralized platform Tron, recently reminisced on his 8-year journey with Ethereum’s co-founder Vitalik Buterin.

“Vitalik is younger than me, but his insights far exceed mine. I have always been able to learn from Vitalik,” Sun wrote on December 29. “Although in the Crypto world, many people may see us as representatives of different values in the crypto world, as if we are parallel lines that have never intersected, in fact, we have known each other much longer than everyone knows.”

Sun shared insights into their longstanding relationship, spanning back to 2015 when Ethereum was in its infancy. He recalls their initial encounter during his leadership at Jack Ma’s Hupan University.

During this period, Sun couldn’t find decentralized mobile wallets for his substantial Ethereum holdings. Collaborating with Buterin, they addressed this by suggesting the launch of an Ethereum blockchain wallet for Android.

Sun and Buterin’s philosophical alignment emphasized core values such as decentralization, audibility, globalization, and trustworthy neutrality. Both advocated for minimizing the impact of a single person on open protocols. They also ensure anyone can verify application logic, foster global participation without permission, and maintain a neutral base layer infrastructure.

Despite execution differences, Sun recognizes that Tron, BitTorrent, and various protocols share these fundamental values with Ethereum. Tron’s user base surpasses 200 million, and BitTorrent boasts over 20 billion users. These numbers showcase the enduring importance of these values for long-term stability in the Internet protocol.

In alignment with Buterin, Sun asserts that upholding shared values is crucial for ensuring a better order in the blockchain world. He said that “these values are the basis for the blockchain world to become a better order.”

Recent Sponge investment

Advocating for decentralization and open protocols, Sun recently invested $14.7 million worth of ETH in the Sponge ecosystem to demonstrate his commitment to decentralized systems. Known for investments in prime tokens like SHIB and Floki FLOKI, Sun holds a wallet containing over $43,000 worth of Sponge V1 tokens, ranking as the fourteenth largest SPONGE owner globally.

Sponge disclosed a daring upgrade, Sponge V2, aiming to transform the primary SPONGE token into an extensive habitat with its play-to-earn game. Despite past disagreements, Sun and Buterin share a vision of global participation and effectively collaborate in the world of blockchain technology.

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