Minecraft integrates Worldcoin’s ‘World ID’ for user verification

In a surprising move, the renowned Sandbox game Minecraft has integrated Worldcoin’s World ID credential system for user verification on the game’s servers.

Developers Mojang and publisher Microsoft had previously banned cryptocurrency and NFT integration within Minecraft’s ecosystem, per reports. However, Worldcoin integration is unique as it focuses on the World ID credential rather than involving its cryptocurrency or in-game tokens.

The World ID credential, generated by scanning retinas with Worldcoin’s “Orb” device, is tracked on the project’s blockchain and used to create a World ID as “proof of personhood.” Participants also receive an airdrop of WLD crypto tokens—Worldcoin’s native token. This integration suggests a potential shift in the game’s approach to blockchain technology.

According to a Worldcoin representative, this integration aims to enhance player authentication on Minecraft servers, offering a privacy-preserving solution to reduce disruptive behavior.

“With the rising prominence of bots in online gaming, World ID provides a privacy-preserving way to verify humanness and provide players with awareness as to whether they are interacting with other human players or bots,” the representative said, per Decrypt’s report.

“The specific integration with Minecraft aims to help server admins to reduce instances of ‘griefing’ and keep the gaming experience safer and more enjoyable for everyone.”

Unofficial integration

Minecraft’s updated end-user license agreement (EULA) provides more specific guidelines, mainly targeting play-to-earn features and NFTs that create exclusivity around in-game items.

A Minecraft spokesperson clarified that the companies “had no involvement in the Worldcoin initiative,” emphasizing this integration should be regarded as “entirely unofficial.” However, they said that if the integration “adheres to the guidelines” outlined in the EULA and the game’s stance on NFTs, it is “likely acceptable.”

According to a Worldcoin representative, the separation between the World ID functionality and the WLD crypto token allows them to comply with Minecraft’s rules on blockchain integration. This enables the continued use of World ID in the game.

“[It’s] important to note that World ID and the token do not have to be used together for there to be utility with World ID,” the representative said.

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