Most significant crypto gaming tokens of 2024, airdrops too

The crypto gaming sector has seen a surge in token launches this year, with many projects making waves in the market and even more getting on the bandwagon of excitement over crypto. While tokens tied to games and networks have been launching, airdrops are also accelerating.

Let’s explore their recent success stories.

PORTAL, an Ethereum token for a cross-chain gaming platform, gained attention with its airdrop farming push last February 29, 2024.

The PIXEL token was made available for Ronin’s farming game on Ethereum in February. It saw over $1 billion trading volume in 24 hours after launch.

The year commenced with an important milestone in the form of a major XAI token airdrop for participation in Ethereum scaler Arbitrum’s gaming network Xai.

The MAVIA token saw a significant price increase, doubling its launch price and continuing to rise due to user interest and network expansion.

Top Three Tokens based on current Peak Market Cap

Portal (PORTAL). Peak Market Cap: $561.6 million. A record-breaking Binance campaign that yielded over $9 billion worth of crypto, and tweets flooding the Twitter platform, have certainly contributed to the hype that placed this gaming token at the top of the list…for now.

Pixels (PIXEL). Peak Market Cap: $531 million. The launch of the token in February helped introduce more crypto-native elements into the web game, which is currently the hottest game on crypto. Pixels has hundreds of thousands of daily users; it certainly has the crypto world’s attention and has built serious momentum around Ronin.

Xai (XAI). Peak Market Cap: $440.6 million. This layer-3 gaming network on Ethereum scaler Arbitrum is off to a hot start with the year’s first big airdrop. With games rolling out on the network and the recent launch of staking rewards, we can expect growing excitement for this token.

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