OKX integrates Solana cross-chain swaps on its DEX platform

Crypto exchange OKX announced on January 17 that its decentralized exchange (DEX) now supports Solana cross-chain swaps. All OKX users can now access this new feature on desktops and smartphones.

The integration lets users quickly transfer assets between Solana and other blockchains, including Polygon, Tron, Optimism, OKTC, BNB Smart Chain, Arbitrum, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

Besides allowing quicker transfers, the feature offers several other benefits for the users. The first is more accessible access to Solana’s assets in the rapidly expanding DeFi and NFT project lineup.

Another advantage is that the users can now gain access to new earning and trading opportunities while easily bringing the value back across the chains.

Apart from Solana, OKX also introduces Facet integration on its DEX and Wallet platforms on the same day. Facet is known as an Ethereum-based decentralized and low-cost computing platform.

Users are now able to easily transfer Facet inscription assets, view their assets directly in the OKX Wallet, and monitor them in real time.

Meanwhile, the OKX Wallet and Facet integration allows simple transfer between Etherstones (ETHS) and Facet-based assets within the OKX Wallet interface.

Users no longer have to leave their OKX Wallet to view, transfer, or trade their Facet assets. The integration reduces the hassle caused by disparate tooling across ETHS applications.

OKX Wallet’s ‘Cryptopedia Solana Season’

Before the Solana cross-chain swaps integration, OKX introduced Solana in “Cryptopedia Solana Season” on its OKX Wallet platform on January 11.

OKX Cryptopedia is a learning platform for cryptocurrency where users can explore different DApps across multiple blockchains while earning rewards.

During the launch, the company encouraged its users to learn the Solana DApps through the platform. There are several terms associated with Solana that were introduced in Cryptopedia, including three protocols — MarginFi, Meteora, and Kamino Finance — and an aggregator named Jupiter.

Users must follow several steps to participate in the “Cryptopedia Solana Season.”

First, they must download the OKX App or visit the Cryptopedia website to create or import a wallet. Then, they can select the DApp of their choice from the “Solana Season” section. Finally, they must tap the “Verify” icon to confirm participation.

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