What can you buy with bitcoins (BTC) in 2022 – Ultimate list!

With the rise in Bitcoin’s popularity among diverse socio-economic groups, it’s now evident that the cryptocurrency should also be suitable for buying consumer items, typically only purchasable with traditional currency. More businesses are now accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment, thus expanding its applicability in conventional markets. The recognition of Bitcoin not just as an effective virtual investment avenue, but also a credible payment method, has fundamentally driven the cryptocurrency’s value to unprecedented heights.

2021 has been the greatest year for Bitcoin – not only did it reach more than 68 000 USD in value but it was also surging in popularity due to the praise of infamous CEOs like Elon Musk and other campaigns involving distinguished crypto exchanges like Coinbase. Although this cryptocurrency is still highly volatile, Bitcoin payments have been on the rise because of the growing interest in cryptocurrencies as a whole. As the first cryptocurrency Bitcoin is well known among people of all ages and is therefore probably the first thing that would pop up in someone’s head when they have to think of crypto. That’s why many merchants and service providers take advantage of this distinguished digital currency and make it possible for crypto owners to purchase their goods with virtual money.

Benefits of a Bitcoin payment

  • Easily conducted transactions when online shopping.
  • No need to keep track of your loose change and wrinkled bills – your BTC is safely stored in the crypto wallet of your choice.
  • International payments are secure and with lower fees.
  • Since Bitcoin is the most well known cryptocurrency, it is also the most accepted crypto payment method.
  • Your privacy isn’t violated when purchasing certain services or products due to the anonymity provided by the blockchain technology.

Which businesses accept Bitcoin as a payment option?

Regardless of how many amazing opportunities you see on the Internet about things you can buy with Bitcoin, it is important to note that the given companies could change their payment policy and therefore you should always check that information on the website of the business in question. Many merchants would like to start accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies but since it may be harder to deal with such payments due to the mass amount of transactions waiting to be validated and the volatile nature of crypto, they may decide to give up on that venture sooner or later.

So don’t rush making conclusions about the topic of what can you buy with Bitcoin, always do your research about the current situation of both the business’ stance on Bitcon payments and the crypto market as a whole!

The following is the ultimate list of different businesses which are accepting Bitcoin payments as of the current year of 2022.

Online services accepting Bitcoin

Now more than ever online based businesses have begun accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a regular payment choice simply because the Internet makes it easier for web platforms to conduct such transactions.

  • E-commerce platformsShopify and Etsy make it possible for people to build their own online businesses on their platform and also allow them to accept Bitcoin.
  • Purse.io – this innovative website allows people to exchange their Amazon gift cards for Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash. Therefore your order is being payed for by the owner of the giftcard as soon as they have received your cryptocurrency.
  • Online clothing websites – it shouldn’t come as a surprise that clothing moguls want to be not only trendy in a fashion sense but also in the financial one. Mega brands like H&M, Nike and stores like Macy’s now offer their customers in the USA and Canada Bitcoin as a form of payment.
  • Proton Mail – is a Swiss e-mail service which provides encryption for all your e-mail interactions and files. You can purchase advanced features and additional privacy support with Bitcoin.
  • VPN providers – NordVPN and ExpressVPN both accept BTC payments through the BitPay app.
  • Vultr – is a cloud storage provider which accepts BTC in return for their hosting services.
  • Namecheap – is a web hosting provider and a domain name registrar which allows customers to pay with BTC for their services.
  • WordPress – is an open-source platform which enables its users to create a customized website of their own. So if you are selling something on your website, WordPress can now provide you with a crypto plug-in which will allow your customers to make crypto payments.
  • PayPal – if you live in the US and you have a PayPal account, you can not only buy crypto from the platform but also transfer and receive crypto and digital currencies from other wallets and exchanges.

Online entertainment sites that accept Bitcoin

  • Twitch – the most popular streaming platform, accepts Bitcoin, which means that you can now support your favorite streamers by donating BTC to them.
  • Online gambling platforms – more and more online casinos are accepting bitcoins. Online bets have increased tremendously in 2022 compared to previous years, which shows that users are more eager to take advantage of these types of services due to privacy, fast and cheap international transactions.
  • Microsoft Store – you can purchase apps and Xbox games with BTC. Check out our complete guide on How to buy games with cryptocurrency if you want to learn more.
  • Twitter – tipping may be a new feature to this social media platform but it has been so successful that every follower can now tip the people behind their favorite accounts with BTC.
  • Reddit – premium features for the world’s most popular social forum are available for those who prefer to pay with BTC.

Offline Services you can pay for with Bitcoin

  • Restaurants and Cafes – fast food chains like Subway and Burger King have tried accepting cryptocurrency but only in specific countries. These days you can also find cafes all over the world in which you can buy yourself a delicious breakfast and the beverage of your choice with BTC or other cryptocurrencies. Read more on how to pay for food with BTC.
  • Supermarkets – although you can’t go in and simply spend Bitcoin on your groceries, there’s still a chance you can use your BTC for purchasing essential consumer goods. The BitPay app allows you to buy gift cards with BTC for popular supermarkets like Walmart, Whole foods and Tesco.
  • Real estate services – this may sound more exotic and far-fetched for some but it is true that you can now purchase a new home with cryptocurrency or sell the property you already have for crypto. Bithome is the place to start – this marketplace will help you buy and sell wisely thanks to their well-developed web services.
  • Home building – contractors have started to notice the value of cryptocurrencies and have therefore managed to incorporate Bitcoin as a form of payment for their construction services. However, the following home building companies are mainly from the West – Orocco (Scotland), Oakmore Builders (the UK), Naples Luxury Building.
  • Telecom services – major mobile carriers like Verizon and AT&T (in the USA) have started to accept Bitcoin payments through the BitPay app, which is more than convenient for those who are constantly on the go and international visitors, too. Read our complete guide on How to buy airtime with crypto here.
  • Travel agencies – there are many online booking platforms like Expedia, BTCtrip, and ChepAir.com, which make it easier for BTC owners to plan their dream holidays by taking advantage of paying with Bitcoin. You can find many travel sites that accept crypto payments. However, we recommend that you check out their reviews and examine their legitimacy first.
  • Takeaway – the biggest food ordering service in Germany – Lieferando accepts BTC, and Domino’s has partnered with the Lightning network, which will take your Bitcoins for delicious pizzas.
  • College degrees – academic institutions like King’s College in New York have allowed students to pay for their tuition fees with crypto, and many more have started to follow this example.
  • Event tickets – sports games, concerts, and other cultural events can be easier to attend by purchasing the ticket beforehand, and there are platforms like Crypto.tickets that would even grant you discounts if you buy with Bitcoin or other crypto.

Products you can buy with Bitcoin

  • Cars – investing in a motor vehicle has always been a great step for those seeking more mobility and personal comfort. Thanks to various car companies, you can totally buy a car with btc. BMW, Audi, Nissan, and Honda provide their customers with both luxury and more budget-friendly cars they can buy with Bitcoin. We advise you that you go over this payment information with the dealership before making up your mind. There are many car dealerships like Prestige Cars Kent that accept BTC payments.
  • Furniture – companies like Juliette’s Interiors accept cryptocurrency. Other furniture stores like Amart Furniture and Beliani don’t accept Bitcoin directly, but you can still purchase gift cards for their products with BTC through the BitPay app. Read more on how to buy furniture with cryptocurrency.
  • Luxury watches – this may seem like a rather unnecessary investment, but it is important to mention that all watch maniacs who are very specific about what they like in this accessory piece can buy luxurious watches from Prestige Time, which accepts BTC.
  • Gold – spending BTC on gold is a great way to diversify your investment portfolio. You can buy gold bullion bars and coins from merchants such as Bitgild, JM Bullion, and Bullion Exchange. Check our complete guide on How to buy gold with crypto to learn more.
  • Yachts – you can spend your digital assets on a quality sailing craft thanks to Denison Yacht Sales.
  • Socks – yes, something mundane yet essential as socks can, too, be bought with crypto thanks to MtSocks.
  • CandySweetBit is a dispenser for sweets that takes Bitcoins.
  • Art pieces – no, we’re not going to jam about NFTs because more galleries across the US have begun accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for the physical art pieces they display.
  • Electronics – from laptops to smartphones, tablets, and TVs – all of these can be purchased with BTC. Online retailers such as Newegg, Crypto Emporium, and Crypto Luxury Store offer a huge inventory of electronics.


Witnessing the gradual adoption of crypto in the real world may be fascinating, however, it is up to the consumers themselves how successful the implementation of crypto in everyday life is. Acceptance may be harder among those who are used to the traditional ways of paying for products and services, but as more people have started to invest in and trade crypto, it is a no-brainer that they should have proper opportunities for spending it on their staple needs.

All the mentioned businesses that work with crypto are located in different countries, and therefore not all crypto owners can easily take advantage of what they offer, that’s why you shouldn’t get your hopes up too soon when you find out that your Bitcoins or Litecoins are now applicable in the real world. Always check the current state of the crypto markets and make sure that you’re not being scammed! Don’t miss out on great opportunities but also be balanced in your crypto spending.

*The article lays out fundamental information about the topic of cryptocurrency and is not aimed as professional financial guidance!

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