What Is Forta (Fort) Crypto

Forta (FORT) Crypto is a blockchain security platform designed to detect potential threats within decentralized finance, non-fungible tokens, and governance structures.

It functions as a real-time detection network to safeguard the Web3 landscape by identifying and mitigating risks that could compromise the security of billions of dollars in locked value.

The FORT token plays a crucial role in enhancing network security and supporting the Web3 ecosystem. By focusing on vigilant monitoring and rapid response to security issues, Forta contributes to the overall resilience of the crypto universe.

Key Takeaways

  • Forta (FORT) is a blockchain security platform focusing on detecting threats in DeFi, NFTs, and governance.
  • The FORT token is integral to enhancing network security and can be staked for security and governance purposes.
  • Forta offers advanced security solutions like Scam Detector and Attack Detector for real-time threat alerts and protection.
  • With a market capitalization of €72.2 million and a current price of €0.17 per token, investing in Forta requires a cautious approach due to price volatility.

Forta (FORT) Launch

Forta (FORT) introduced a real-time detection network upon its launch, bringing advancements to the Web3 landscape. The platform’s security solutions, including the Scam Detector for web3 wallets and the Attack Detector for DeFi protocols, aim to enhance security measures and protect users from potential risks.

The FORT token powers the Forta network, which offers alerts on the security status of various systems such as DeFi, NFT, and governance. With approximately $45 billion in total value locked (TVL) across major chains, Forta plays a significant role in monitoring and securing the Web3 ecosystem.

Investors and asset managers find value in utilizing the Attack Detector for receiving real-time threat alerts. Through community-driven development, developers, data scientists, and security researchers can leverage the Forta SDK to create valuable threat intelligence and earn recurring revenue.

Participants can also contribute to network security, engage in governance, and influence the future of Forta by staking and delegating FORT tokens.

Forta (FORT) Key Features

Forta (FORT) provides advanced security solutions for Web3 users, offering features like the Scam Detector and Attack Detector to detect and prevent potential threats. Users can benefit from real-time threat alerts through the Attack Detector, enhancing asset protection within the ecosystem.

Asset Managers can receive timely warnings about threats impacting their positions, thereby improving overall security measures. Additionally, Forta offers the Forta SDK to create valuable threat intelligence, presenting opportunities for developers, data scientists, and security researchers to generate recurring revenue.

Through staking and delegating FORT tokens, users actively contribute to network security and participate in governance decisions shaping the future of Forta. The FORT token plays a crucial role in incentivizing network security and fostering community governance within the Forta Network.

As a leading network for security intelligence in Web3, Forta offers comprehensive solutions to various stakeholders, ensuring a safer and more reliable environment for all participants.

Forta (FORT) Current Price and Prediction

Forta (FORT) is currently priced at €0.17 per token with a recent trading volume of €1.19M in the last 24 hours, indicating active trading activity. The price of FORT has displayed fluctuations over different time frames, with short-term increases and longer-term decreases observed. The market capitalization of Forta in France stands at €72.2M, highlighting its notable presence in the market.

Owning Forta tokens allows holders to participate in staking and delegated staking, which can lead to earning rewards while contributing to the network’s security and reliability. FORT, being an ERC-20 token, serves a critical function within the Forta ecosystem by facilitating real-time monitoring and detection of blockchain transactions and activities.

According to AMBCrypto The price is expected to range between $0.41 and $0.47, with an average of $0.44 by December 2024 and for 2030 the price is expected to range between $30.18 and $45.27, with an average of $37.73.

However, it’s crucial to acknowledge the inherent volatility of the cryptocurrency market and exercise caution and thorough analysis before making investment decisions.

Should you Invest in Forta (FORT)

When considering investing in Forta (FORT), it’s important to carefully assess the potential benefits and risks involved. Forta (Fort) Crypto operates as a decentralized monitoring network that specializes in real-time threat detection within the Web3 ecosystem, with a focus on protecting DeFi protocols.

By purchasing Fort tokens, investors can support the network’s security solutions and participate in decentralized governance. Forta monitors over $45 billion in Total Value Locked (TVL) across major chains, offering real-time alerts on potential threats to help asset managers safeguard their positions.

Engaging in staking and delegating FORT tokens allows investors to contribute to network security and governance decisions. As a leading provider of security intelligence in Web3, Forta offers a comprehensive solution for various stakeholders interested in the security and integrity of the DeFi space.

Where to Buy Forta (FORT)

For individuals seeking to engage with the real-time detection network and contribute to decentralized governance, Forta (FORT) can be accessed through established cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinbase, Gate.io, and KuCoin. These platforms offer a user-friendly avenue to acquire FORT tokens, enabling users to actively participate in the market and potentially capitalize on price movements.

By purchasing Forta (FORT) on these exchanges, investors can take advantage of trading pairs like FORT/USD on Coinbase Exchange, gaining exposure to the cryptocurrency market. This accessibility to FORT tokens not only allows individuals to invest in the security and operational monitoring of blockchain activities but also provides an opportunity to contribute to the growth and stability of the Web3 ecosystem.

Given the pivotal role of the FORT token in securing the monitoring network and fostering community governance, obtaining Forta tokens through reputable exchanges can be a strategic decision for those interested in this innovative project.

How to add Forta (FORT) to MetaMask?

To add Forta (FORT) to MetaMask, you need to have Ethereum (ETH) in your account to cover gas fees. Start by accessing your MetaMask wallet and locate the ‘Add Token’ button. Select ‘Custom Token’ and input the Forta (FORT) token contract address as provided.

Once the token details populate, proceed by clicking ‘Next’ and then ‘Add Tokens’ to incorporate Forta (FORT) into your MetaMask wallet. Your Forta (FORT) tokens will be visible under the ‘Assets’ tab in your MetaMask wallet after completing these steps.

This integration allows you to manage your Forta holdings conveniently within MetaMask, enhancing your interactions within the Ethereum network and the wider crypto ecosystem. Stay informed about the latest developments and security measures in the Forta network to optimize your crypto experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Forta Crypto?

It is a real-time detection network safeguarding Web3 activities. Alerting on DeFi and NFT security, it incentivizes network integrity with the FORT token, enabling node operators to earn rewards and ensure system safety.

Is Forta Coin a Good Investment?

Investing in Forta coin depends on your risk tolerance and belief in Web3 security. Evaluate its utility, growth potential, and community involvement before deciding. Consider consulting with financial advisors for personalized advice.

What Is the Coin Supply of Forta?

The current coin supply of Forta stands at 425.9 million FORT tokens. This supply plays a vital role in securing the network and engaging in governance mechanisms. Stake and delegate FORT to actively contribute to fortifying the network.


In summary, exploring the realm of Forta (FORT) Crypto can enhance your blockchain security and monitoring capabilities.

Forta offers a real-time detection network that prioritizes the protection of DeFi, NFT, and governance systems, positioning itself as a significant player in the Web3 landscape.

Consider investing in FORT tokens to align with the growth and security trends within the crypto space.

Remember, making informed decisions early can be advantageous in the context of Forta’s offerings.

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