X1 Crypto payment gateway review

As crypto usage has been increasing globally over the past years, more and more companies are trying to develop the best crypto payment gateway. The goal is simple: to narrow the gap between fiat and crypto in a way that is straight-forward while also having a smooth customer experience through and through.

The goal of the review

In this article, you will read more about a crypto payment gateway solution called X1 that we came across recently with monumental potential to take your business to the next level. We are sharing our substantive thoughts while taking a look at the strengths and flaws of the widget.

Why it’s important to choose the right crypto payment gateway for your business?

Regardless of the goals of your business and the goods or services you provide, the universal direction is to improve your business and increase your revenue. Focusing on the latter part, it’s crucial to choose the right crypto payment gateway solution based on the needs of your business and determine how good of a fit it is for your ambitions.

High-risk industries process numerous transactions on a daily basis with a big turnover. When there is a big turnover, being able to increase your conversion rate by a few percent only allows you to witness a significant increase in your revenue annually. Choosing the right crypto payment gateway for your business can sometimes be the difference between a successful fiscal year and potential losses.

Who is behind X1?

The company behind the widget, Bitlabz, is a Fintech company with more than 20 years of experience providing payment solutions. They started their journey by creating payment solutions for companies in the high-risk industry such as gaming, adult, and others, as such concepts were profoundly sought for and paved the way for what we know as online payments today. As the market is frequently changing, the founders saw an opportunity and acknowledged the future of payment solutions, so they focused their efforts on developing crypto solutions.

This is where the X1 shines. Developed fully in-house by a brilliant team of developers, X1 manages to achieve a cutting-edge experience for clients dealing with crypto, while avoiding being tiresome. The payment process is seamless and it only takes a few seconds for the transaction to be completed. X1 is embedded into your website in the form of a widget as it intends to keep your customers on your platform.

Who is the X1 payment gateway widget designed for?

The X1 payment gateway widget is designed for online casinos, gambling, and gaming sites. These industries are flagged as high-risk by the credit card processors, hence have a higher share of failed transactions, which leads to huge revenue loss every month. 

Here is where X1 shines – it offers 90% acceptance rate of transactions, which is really exceptional!

However, X1 can be implemented in every online shop or any other business that accepts online payments.

How does X1 work?

In a market striving for innovations, fintech companies need to constantly evolve in order to stay ahead of the competition. 

With X1 your customers are able to buy cryptocurrencies using their credit or debit card while simultaneously converting them to store credit or directly purchase goods or services. As X1 is integrated into your website, the customer is never asked to leave your platform and is not distracted by any tiresome payment details. The second pop-up after the transaction is completed solely for mitigation risk purposes by notifying the customer about the success of the purchase.

The fiat- to crypto- to fiat transactions have never looked so smooth, taking around 90 seconds to complete, including verification for low-volume deposits.

Supported cryptocurrencies

The widget works with all popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc reaching up to 50 in total. Of course, there’s the possibility to adopt and implement a desired cryptocurrency based on the needs of the client.

Supported fiat currencies

The most well-known fiat currencies like Euro, USD, and Australian dollars are available. While also supporting Canadian and New Zealand dollars, and Swiss francs, other fiat currencies can be adapted based on the needs and personal preferences of the merchant.

Below you can see how does the transaction look like from the view of the customer. As you will notice, the transaction is finalized in 65 seconds:

Features of X1 Crypto payment gateway

Let’s delve into the most important features X1 has to offer.

Mitigation Risks

The company behind the widget has put a lot of thinking and effort towards mitigating the risk for their customers. In industries where traders are prone to dishonest practices, it is super important for them not to fall victim to other traders’ schemes. Each merchant receives his own dedicated crypto exchange platform with a unique domain name available for them and only them. It may sound a bit troublesome and complicated, but quite the opposite, as the company provides you with a working platform where you don’t have to manage anything. You receive a finished crypto exchange that is fully operational and set up based on your requirements. 

Basically, when a user initiates a transaction with fiat money on your site, he will instead purchase crypto on your dedicated crypto exchange, which will then be transferred back to fiat money directly in your bank account. The entire transaction takes around 90 seconds, and you will receive the money in your bank account within 10 working days. This way, you can`t be affected by other merchants which use the same payment gateway with dishonest practices.

No chargebacks

Crypto transactions are irreversible, and since cryptocurrency is used to complete the payment, no fraudulent chargebacks can happen. Only you, as a merchant, can decide whether to refund the client or not.

You choose how to settle

You are able to pre-set what cryptocurrency your customers will be able to convert, while selecting a stablecoin is the suggested option to protect your assets due to fluctuations in the crypto market and high volatility. The merchant gets to determine whether to be settled in crypto or a fiat currency depending on their own personal preference. The latter option is what the Coinlabz team recommends to protect the value of your assets, especially if you don’t have any plans or visions of what to do with the selected cryptocurrency once it reaches your digital wallet.


An API connection is established. Therefore documents and KYC data can be delivered automatically within a few seconds, so the user experience is not halted or affected in any way.

Customizable design 

As there is a completely customizable design and all companies come with their own unique requirements, the people behind X1 can grant you access to their team of developers and designers if you want any design changes to be done.

Personal branding

One of the key features of X1 is the option to have personal branding. The widget can be integrated with your own logo and brand name which vastly improves the user journey and satisfaction.


As the company is registered in Lithuania,  based on their AML act, it allows them to be more lenient towards low-volume deposit users. For deposits up to 700 euros, the KYC procedure is quite straightforward. Users need to provide only their names, nationality, and country of residence, which makes the first encounter for them quite natural.


All of the transactions are 3d secure to add another extra layer of security for the customers.  Transaction history and logs are kept to monitor the users for any potential fraudulent activities.


You are able to check reports and the activity of your users. All transactions are recorded and the logs can be accessed at any time. This is quite important when dealing with chargebacks due to potential fraud or theft.

How to integrate X1 on your website?

The integration is a pretty straightforward process. It happens by adding an embedded code in the 3rd party website. The interphase around the widgets is up to the client. It can be implemented on a separate page or as a pop-up on an existing page which is a key advantage. An integration through PaymentIQ or Worldline is also a possibility and preferred option by many. The Bitlabz team is always available to cooperate and ease the process while you have complete access to the staging environment and are able to monitor the progress firsthand.

Here you can find more information on How to set up X1 on your website


Of course, everything comes at a price. 

Monthly fee

The company takes 2% of each successful exchange order, or 2000 Euros per month if the accumulated transaction fees are below this amount.

Installation fee

X1 has a one-time setup fee of 2500 euro to cover the expenses of the integration as it requires a certain amount of developers to complete it.

Pros and Cons of X1 payment gateway

Here we share our honest opinion of the most important aspects of the X1 payment gateway so you can make the best decision.


Here are the most significant advantages of X1:

Conversion rate optimization

As your clients are buying crypto compared to other high-risk industry services, it significantly reduces the number of failed transactions as Visa and Mastercard deem the acquisition of cryptocurrencies as a regular activity. A transaction related to buying crypto is much more likely to get approved by Visa compared to a deposit on a Gambling site, right?

Fast transactions

Patience is not a virtue that everyone possesses, especially in a competitive market. The ability to complete a transaction within a few clicks never looked easier.

Your branding and design

The option to integrate your own brand and logo into the Widget creates a sense of trust. It creates an impression in your customers that they are using a seamless and straightforward feature of your website.

Customers not leaving your site to complete the payment

No matter the field your business operates in, keeping your customers on your platform is of utmost significance. Using X1, never asks your users to leave your website, a key benefit to prolonging the visit.


In our opinion, these are the most important drawbacks of X1:


This solution is pricey compared to other players on the market and can be hefty on your budget if you don’t have the designated funds to support it.

Not the fastest integration 

The integration time of 2 to 3 weeks is quite extensive compared to other solutions on the market. If you are looking for something quite urgently and must be fully operational on shorter notice, it may not be the best fit.

However, for both things mentioned above, there is a reason – after all, every merchant receives a dedicated crypto exchange platform, with which you increase conversion rate and mitigate the risk for your business.

Personal touch

As Bitblaz aims at providing the best possible service tailored to your needs, they prefer to arrange individual meetings to properly understand the challenges their potential new partners face. We at Coinlabz had a talk with their team and their accumulated expertise and knowledge will make you feel in safe hands. In addition to the established portfolio of solutions and developers, they can also offer guidance to perceive new angles and propel your business to new heights.

Customer support

The customer service experience is on another level, as you have 24/7 support for urgent matters. You are able to reach them with your questions or concerns directly over the phone, on Skype, or through email. For non-urgent matters, they have working hours between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm EET, as they tend to respond to your request within the day. Another aspect that allows them to take a pole position on the customer satisfaction front is that the responding team consists of the Product Manager, the Tech dev team, and the admins. The very best support and guidance professionals are at your disposal compared to others, where you can reach only the average customer service agent with FAQ knowledge and no real decision-making power.

Whoever has faced issues with their payment systems for a high-revenue business knows that every hour when your systems are down may cost thousands of dollars.

You will also have access to their FAQ guide on the business itself, covering important points on the platform, from account activation and login history, to how to deposit or withdraw in crypto or fiat. Of course, important tips like which are supported cryptocurrencies and what the fees and the limits are available for you anytime.

Other products by Bitlabz

Bitlabz has an assortment of products in its portfolio that range from crypto exchange software and crypto custodian wallets to mobile apps and OTC services. If you require a solution for crypto payouts, they got you covered too. Compared to the X1, it has a different flow but is still quite user-friendly in contrast to competitors on the market. Their recent innovation, NFT PAY,  allows a merchant to have their own NFT exchange platform, while their users have the option to purchase back their NFT for a certain time with an expiry period.

If you think about it, a company that develops cryptocurrency exchange should know how to handle payments properly, right?

Should you use X1 Crypto payment gateway for your business?

Yes, we at Coinlabz can definitely recommend using X1 crypto payment gateway, especially if you work in a high-risk industry with high revenue. The way that X1 operates, by using a crypto exchange dedicated only for you as a middleman to complete the transactions, is really fascinating. Another great benefit is the fact the customer never has to leave your site to finalize the transaction.

However our only concern is the price of a minimum of 2000 Euros per month, but considering what you receive, we believe it is worth it. Another potential drawback of this payment gateway is that it is clearly designed for bigger business and we don`t find it suitable for smaller companies.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, the X1 Crypto Payment Gateway proves to be a powerful and reliable solution for businesses seeking to expand their payment options and capitalize on the ever-growing cryptocurrency market. With its impressive features like conversion rate optimization, fast transactions, risk mitigation, and seamless on-site payments, X1 offers a competitive edge to merchants. Though it may have minor drawbacks such as slow integration and higher costs, the overall benefits far surpass these limitations. As the world of digital currencies continues to evolve, adopting a versatile and secure payment gateway like X1 is a prudent decision for businesses aiming to stay ahead of the curve. Check out the full review at CoinLabz to learn more and make an informed choice for your business.

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