Analyzing Crypto Investment Trends: CoinLedger Study Reveals Subdued 2023 Gains Amidst Market Resilience and Caution

In a revealing study conducted by CoinLedger, a cryptocurrency tax software platform, it was found that the average crypto investor realized gains of just $887.60 in 2023. This figure represents a significant shift from the tumultuous year of 2022, during which investors faced over $7,000 in losses on average, amidst a severe bear market and the collapse of several crypto firms, including the high-profile downfall of FTX.

What Is CoinLedger

CoinLedger is a cryptocurrency tax software that simplifies the process of transaction tracking and tax reporting for cryptocurrency investors. It helps users understand their tax obligations related to cryptocurrency transactions, making it accessible to both casual and high-frequency traders.

CoinLedger also provides educational content designed to educate the crypto investors who use the platform. Their articles are written in accordance with the latest guidelines from tax agencies around the world, providing valuable information to users.

Causes of Low Gains

The modest gains in 2023 can be attributed to a cautious recovery in the cryptocurrency market following the previous year’s challenges. The collapse of FTX and other firms in 2022 led to a freefall in asset prices, shaking investor confidence. However, the resilience of the industry has been highlighted by its ability to bounce back, albeit slowly. The cautious optimism in the market has led to conservative trading and investment strategies, focusing on risk management rather than aggressive gains.

Comparison with 2022

The contrast between the years 2022 and 2023 is stark. In 2022, the crypto market was characterized by significant volatility and losses, driven by regulatory crackdowns, the collapse of major firms, and a general bear market. The average loss of over $7,000 starkly contrasts with the modest gains of 2023, underscoring a year of cautious recovery and stabilization in the market.

Market Growth

Despite the modest gains, the market showed signs of growth and resilience. Bitcoin, for instance, saw a 156% increase in 2023, marking its best annual performance since 2020. Ethereum also experienced a significant uptick, with prices up by 91% in the same period. This growth indicates a recovering market, albeit one that is still stabilizing from the previous year’s downturns.

Ether was the most disposed of cryptocurrency in 2023, according to CoinLedger’s study, with Solana, Bitcoin, BNB, and Polygon rounding out the top five. This disposal pattern suggests a diversification in the assets being traded and possibly a shift in investor strategies towards newer or different cryptocurrencies.

CoinLedger Study

The CoinLedger study, which generated its statistics from a proprietary user base of more than 500,000 crypto investors, provides a unique insight into the behavior and outcomes of cryptocurrency investments in 2023. The majority of CoinLedger’s users are from the United States, with significant numbers also from Australia, Canada, and other countries. This broad user base offers a comprehensive view of the global crypto investment landscape.

The study also highlighted the resilience of the cryptocurrency industry, with CoinLedger CEO David Kemmerer stating, “It’s clear that the cryptocurrency market is growing once again.” This sentiment reflects the industry’s ability to recover and grow despite facing significant challenges.


The year 2023 marked a period of cautious recovery for the cryptocurrency market, with average gains significantly lower than the losses experienced in the tumultuous year of 2022. Despite these modest gains, the market’s growth and the resilience of the cryptocurrency ecosystem are evident. Investors, while still recovering from the previous year’s downturns, are showing signs of optimism and confidence in the market’s future. The CoinLedger study provides valuable insights into these trends, highlighting the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency investment.

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