How to Pay for Hotels and Accommodation With Crypto?

Pros and Cons of paying for hotels with crypto

Using crypto to pay for hotels and accommodation has both **pros and cons**.

Pros of paying for hotels with crypto

Cryptocurrency allows for quick and seamless transactions, eliminating the need for physical cash or credit cards while being secure with blockchain technology ensuring that all transactions are safe. This also makes it difficult for fraudsters to steal funds or the risk of fraud or identity theft, as all transactions are recorded and encrypted.

With payments taking a few seconds to process, meaning you can book a hotel room quickly, it is really quick and also much cheaper than traditional solutions, as there are no conversion fees or additional charges involved. Cryptocurrency is not tied to any specific country or currency, making it ideal for international travelers and giving you global accessibility.

Another great advantage is that you can now pay for your entire vacation with cryptocurrency – there are plenty of travel companies that accept Bitcoin, and you can pay for your flight with crypto.

Cons of paying for hotels with crypto

There are a few drawbacks to consider when paying for hotels with crypto.

Acceptance is limited as not all hotels offer this option, so it’s important to check before attempting to book, which can limit your options when booking.

Crypto payments are also subject to very volatile exchange rates, and the rate can change drastically in a short period, meaning the price of your accommodation in crypto could fluctuate significantly between the time of booking and the actual payment.

Lastly, the lack of regulation and consumer protection can be a major concern when dealing with crypto payments.

5 great hotel gift cards that you can buy with crypto

You can use crypto to buy gift cards from the following hotel booking platforms:


Airbnb is an online platform that allows users to rent out their properties and experiences to people looking for accommodation. It has grown to over 7 million active listings worldwide, offering a range of unique stays, experiences, and adventures.

You can purchase Airbnb gift cards with crypto from platforms such as Coinsbee, Coingate, and Egifter in denominations from 25 to 500 USD.

With verified personal profiles and listings, smart messaging, and global Community Support, Airbnb provides a secure and reliable way to pay for hotels and accommodation with crypto.

You can purchase gift cards with crypto from platforms such as Bitrefill, Coinsbee, Coingate, and Bitpay, with denominations ranging from $10 to $500.

Established in 1991 as the Hotels Reservation Network (HRN), changed its name in 2002, allowing customers to book rooms online. It now boasts 60 million unique monthly visitors and 90 localized websites in 41 languages.

You can take advantage of their loyalty program, earning a ‘stamp’ for each eligible night stayed. When you get 10 stamps, you can redeem a free night. It’s a great way to save money on future hotel bookings!

Global Hotel Card

This gift card powered by Expedia Group allows you to book hotels, resorts, vacation rentals, and private homes across the globe. With more than 500,000 accommodation options worldwide, you can find something that suits your needs, from major hotel brands to charming bed and breakfasts.

From $50 to $1000, you can buy these gift cards on Coinsbee, Bitrefill, and Bidali.

Hotel Gift

Hotel Gift offers great hotel gift cards that you can buy with crypto for $50-$2000 of value. With Hotelgift, you can choose from over 550,000 hotels and 140 hotel brands across 170 countries.

The cards can be redeemed for a hotel stay via their booking engine, and they offer free priority shipment for physical gift cards as well as instant email delivery for PDF and eGift options. The company receives positive reviews and is trusted by thousands of recipients every month.

Marriott US

Marriott US offers great hotel gift cards that you can purchase with crypto. They can range from $50 to $500 and can be bought on Bitrefill and Coinsbee.

Founded in 1927 by J. Willard Marriott and his wife Alice, the multinational hospitality company has an impressive range of 31 brands and 8,000 properties across 139 countries and territories. This makes it the world’s largest hotel chain in terms of available rooms.

Marriott US provides luxury, premium, and select brands such as The Ritz-Carlton, JW Marriott, St. Regis, Westin, Renaissance, Marriott Hotels, Le Meridien, Gaylord Hotels, Marriott Executive Apartments, Delta Hotels, Tribute Portfolio, Design Hotels, Courtyard, and SpringHill Suites.

Hotels that accept crypto directly

Do you want to pay for a hotel stay with crypto? There are a number of hotels around the world that accept crypto directly, including The Kessler Collection, The D Hotel, The Pavilions Hotels & Resorts, Manor Hotel by JA, Dubai, Soneva, Maldives, and Thailand.

The Kessler Collection

If you’re looking to pay for your luxurious accommodations with crypto, you’ll be pleased to know that The Kessler Collection is leading the way in accepting digital currency payments directly.

Founded by Richard Kessler in 1984, this visionary hospitality brand develops, owns, and manages luxury boutique hotels, restaurants, and retail.

From music and art to architecture and award-winning cuisine, The Kessler Collection is sure to provide an unforgettable experience.

CEO Richard C. Kessler is a nationally recognized hospitality industry leader with over 50 years of experience in hotel development and management. With this experience, he’s become the go-to for those looking to pay with digital currency.

The D Hotel

The D Hotel & Casino opened in 2012 and is a glitzy casino hotel that offers modern-day facilities with vintage Las Vegas touches. It has contributed to the revitalization of the area and is now one of the few establishments that accept crypto directly.

You can pay for your stay using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other popular cryptocurrencies. All you need to do is provide your wallet address, and the payment will be processed securely.

The Pavilions Hotels & Resorts

The group has properties in places like Phuket, Bali, Madrid, Rome, and more. The hotels are known for their secluded spaces, mindful service, and distinct individuality. The Pavilions Hotels & Resorts is a boutique international hotel group that offers unique and diverse hotels and resorts in desirable locations. It’s inspired by the epic tale of two lovers, and each property is designed to highlight the arts, culture, romance, or adventure. The group has been recognized with awards. By paying with crypto, you can enjoy a curated and bespoke cultural experience that’s tailored to you.

Manor Hotel by JA, Dubai

Manor Hotel by JA in Dubai also accepts cryptocurrency payments for its luxury accommodations. Located near the JAFZA business district and Al Maktoum Airport, the hotel offers 247 modern rooms and a range of amenities, such as an all-day dining restaurant, free parking, a rooftop pool, and a gym.

All of this, combined with the convenience of cryptocurrency payments, makes it an ideal choice for corporate guests. With the help of crypto, you can book your stay with ease without worrying about traditional banking issues. Plus, you can enjoy additional benefits such as discounts and rewards.

Soneva, Maldives and Thailand

If you’re looking for a luxurious getaway in the Maldives or Thailand, Soneva Resorts are an excellent choice, as they accept crypto payments for their accommodations directly. Soneva’s resorts are known for their eco-friendly design, commitment to sustainability and their wide range of amenities.

From over-water villas and beachfront villas to wellness treatments, dining experiences, and unique activities like picnics on secluded sandbanks, there’s something for everyone. With crypto payments, you can enjoy the luxury of a Soneva resort without worrying about exchange rates or hefty credit card fees.

If you are not convinced yet, you’re supporting a business that’s striving to make a positive impact on the environment.

Pay for hotels with crypto debit card

Crypto debit cards are a great way to pay for accommodation as they allow users to spend cryptocurrency without having to exchange it for fiat currency.

Crypto debit cards can be used just like regular debit cards at any participating hotel or accommodation provider, making it a quick and convenient way to pay. With a crypto debit card, you can manage your crypto funds in one place and use them to pay for your hotel stays while you have the security of knowing that your crypto funds are safe and secure.


Paying for hotels with crypto is a great way to get the most out of your money. With a variety of options available to you, such as gift cards, direct payments, and crypto debit cards, you can make sure your money goes exactly where you want it to.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Crypto to Use for Hotel Payments?

The best crypto for hotel payments depends on your individual needs. Consider what fees are charged, how quickly you need the transaction processed, and what level of security you require.

Are There Any Fees Associated With Paying for a Hotel With Crypto?

Fees for paying with crypto can be astronomical so it’s important to check the terms and conditions of the hotel before booking, as different payment methods may incur different fees.

Are There Any Special Security Measures I Should Take When Using Crypto for Hotel Payments?

When using crypto for hotel payments, take security measures like setting up a strong password, verifying transactions, and using two-factor authentication.

Are There Any Rewards or Loyalty Programs Available When Using Crypto for Hotel Payments?

Over a third of cryptocurrency-accepting hotels offer loyalty programs. Enjoy discounts, free nights, and more when you pay with crypto.

Are There Any Other Ways to Save Money When Using Crypto for Hotel Payments?

Yes, you can save money when using crypto for hotel payments. Look for discounts, special offers, and seasonally-based promotions. Compare different hotels and their rates to find the best deals.

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