What Can You Buy With Bitcoin in 2024

You’re not confined to purchasing mere digital services or items from niche online shops anymore. From electronics to travel and leisure, furniture to food, paying bills to charities – the possibilities might feel endless.

Stay tuned, as we dive into the intricate world of Bitcoin transactions and explore the vast expanse of its purchasing power.

There are three ways you can purchase services and goods with Bitcoin: Merchants who accept Bitcoin directly, through gift cards or by using a crypto debit card.

Key Takeaways

  • In 2024, Bitcoin can be used to purchase a wide range of electronic goods such as smartphones, laptops, and gaming consoles from retailers like Overstock and Newegg.
  • Bitcoin payments are accepted for furniture purchases, allowing individuals to buy unique pieces from platforms like BitDials and CryptoArt.
  • Bitcoin can be used for dining out and grocery shopping, with major food chains like Papa John’s, Domino’s, and upscale restaurants accepting BTC as payment. Additionally, Whole Foods and local farmer’s markets also accept Bitcoin.
  • Bitcoin provides flexibility for travel and leisure activities, as it can be used to book flights, accommodations, and other travel-related services. This allows for a modern travel experience with the convenience of Bitcoin payments.

What can you buy with BTC

You might be wondering what exactly you can purchase with BTC in 2024.

From electronics to furniture, and even travel or leisure activities, the possibilities are expansive.

Let’s explore how you can spend your BTC on food, entertainment, and more.


The options are almost limitless. You can get your hands on the latest smartphones, laptops, gaming consoles, and more, all with your digital currency.

Overstock, a renowned online retailer, gladly accepts Bitcoins for a wide array of electronic goods from 2014 and was one of the first major online retailers to do so. Even Newegg, a top-notch tech-focused e-retailer with more than 40 million users, is Bitcoin-friendly.

Several online stores that specialize in electronic gadgets have embraced Bitcoin. How to buy electronics with cryptocurrency has become easier and easier with each year and 2024 might be the best one for Bitcoin yet.

Travel and Leisure

From booking flights to securing cozy accommodations, there’s a whole world of travel and leisure opportunities to explore using BTC in 2024.

You can book your trip on Travala who directly accept Bitcoin or on Destinia and Expedia which through partnerships with BitPay and Coinbase respectively are able to accept your digital assets for payment. Also you can check our article here for a more detailed analysis.


In 2024, booking your dream vacation or business trip with bitcoins is as simple as clicking a button. Numerous airlines and travel agencies accept BTC for flight tickets. You can get your hands on a ticket from AirBaltic, AlternativeAirlines or Webjet with your Bitcoin or use them on platforms like Coingate or Coinsbee to purchase gift cards for American Airlines,Delta Air or even Asia Air.

From weekend getaways to international travels, bitcoins offer you the flexibility and ease you need. You can check also our detailed guide on how to buy flights and airline tickets with Crypto.

Hotels and accommodation

You’ll be thrilled to know that numerous hotels and accommodations around the globe also accept bitcoin as a valid form of payment.

From luxury resorts to budget-friendly hostels, you can use your BTC to secure your next vacation stay.  Of course how to pay for hotels and accommodation with crypto becomes a more straightforward process with a crypto debit card.


Sprucing up your living space with Bitcoin is easier than ever in 2024, with an array of furniture retailers now accepting this digital currency. You’re no longer restricted to traditional payment methods when shopping for that perfect couch or dining set.

Overstock, a renowned online retailer, not only accepts Bitcoin but also offers a wide range of home goods. You can find anything from a comfy armchair to a stylish coffee table. Deckstool is another great place to check if you want to purchase some furniture as they use recycled skateboards.

You can also use your BTC to buy gift cards for HomeDepot or Wayfair on Coingate and start shopping now.  If you want to read more you can check our article here.


From your morning coffee to a lavish dinner, you can now satisfy any culinary craving using Bitcoin. Papa John’s and Domino’s are just a couple of the numerous chains accepting BTC. If you’re more into gourmet cuisine, you’ll find upscale restaurants in major cities like New York and Tokyo where Bitcoin is as good as cash.

For grocery shopping, Whole Foods and other retailers have also embraced Bitcoin. Online food delivery services like Takeaway.com accept BTC, bringing your favorite meals straight to your door. Even local farmer’s markets are getting in on the action, selling fresh produce for Bitcoin.

How to buy food with Bitcoin is no longer a tough question to ask as it is a part of everyday life through an ever evolving landscape.

Health and beauty products

Regardless if you need some high quality skincare lines or top-notch nutritional supplements you can get them with BTC in 2024. While not all companies accept crypto directly you still have a few healthy options like Lush, Vertex Labs and Adelline.

And if your favorite company is available only through gift cards you can get them on platforms like Coingate or Cryptorefills and start your daily routine. For everything else, there’s a crypto debit card to save you.


With your Bitcoins, you can now access a wide range of services such as streaming platforms and video games.

Let’s explore how this digital currency is revolutionizing the way we enjoy entertainment.

Streaming service

You’re no longer limited to traditional payment methods when it comes to streaming services. You can access Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and pay for your subscription with gift cards purchased with Bitcoin. They are available on Coingate, Bitrefill and Coinsbee.

It’s a simple, secure, and hassle-free way to enjoy your favorite shows and movies.



Stepping into the thrilling world of gaming, Bitcoins open up a vast array of options for purchasing video games, in-game items, and even gaming platforms. Whether you’re into action-packed RPGs or immersive VR experiences, you can easily use Bitcoins to satisfy your gaming cravings.

While some companies like Blizzard, EA Games and Steam do not accept Bitcoin directly, you can still workaround this minor inconvenience with their gift cards through Coingate or with your crypto debit card.

We at Coinlabz have also made an article delving into more details.

Hosting and VPN

From web hosting to virtual private networks (VPNs), you can utilize your Bitcoins in 2024 to secure a variety of hosting services. Many hosting providers like Hostinger, Hostwinds and Namecheap accept BTC as a legit form of payment. With this, you’re not only getting your site online but also supporting the broader adoption of cryptocurrencies. Some providers even offer discounts to Bitcoin users, making it an even more attractive option.

If you are having troubles how to choose the best hosting service based on your needs, check out our guide and help you make an educated decision.


You can also use your digital currency to top up your mobile airtime and data. Many telecommunication companies worldwide now accept Bitcoin as a payment method. You’re not restricted by location or time. How to buy airtime with cryptocurrency? It’s as simple as selecting the amount of airtime or data you need, inputting your mobile number, and checking out with Bitcoin.

Fashion and Luxury

You’d be surprised how many retailers accept BTC for watches and jewelry.


You’ll be surprised to know that high-end luxury watches are also on the list of items you can purchase with your Bitcoins in 2024.

Renowned brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Tag Heuer are within reach. Bitcoin-friendly luxury watch retailers are more common than you’d think, making it easy to sport a classy timepiece without touching your traditional cash reserves.



Your Bitcoins can also get you stunning pieces of jewelry from the most sought-after brands in 2024. There are a lot of vendors like Crmjewelers, W Hammond and JewelryAffairs where you can directly spend your cryptocurrency or find gift cards on Coingate or Bitrefill for your favorite jewelry store.

How to buy jewelry with Crypto is a topic with many answers in 2024 and no longer a complicated subject.

Precious Metals

In the realm of precious metals, you can utilize your Bitcoins to invest in gold, silver, and even platinum. Several platforms, such as JM Bullion and APMEX, allow you to purchase these valuable commodities with your digital currency.

You’re not limited to just bars or coins; you can also buy jewelry, sculptures, or other items made from these precious metals. The process is quite simple: you choose your item, add it to your cart, and select Bitcoin as your payment method at checkout.

While the price of Bitcoin is volatile, precious metals tend to hold their value over time. So, investing your Bitcoins in precious metals could be a smart move to preserve your wealth and hedge against the unpredictable crypto market.

You can start your research here.


With Bitcoin, you can buy your next car. Various auto dealers around the globe are now accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment. Whether you’re eyeing an eco-friendly electric vehicle or a luxury sports car you can use your Bitcoin to get your new wheels.

Websites like BitCars and AutoCoinCars specialize in selling cars for cryptocurrency. So, you’re not just limited to the usual dealership options. Even major brands like Tesla have jumped on the bandwagon, briefly accepting Bitcoin in 2021. Although they’ve paused this for now, it’s an indicator of Bitcoin’s potential in the auto industry.

If you want to find out which was the first car sold for crypto and when, we’ve written an article with more curious facts.


How to Buy a House With Crypto? You’re no longer bound by traditional payment methods in 2024.

From small apartments to luxury villas, you can now use your Bitcoins to secure a home. Companies like Open Listings and Crypto Real Estate make it easy for you to browse through listings that accept Bitcoin. Not only does this method ensure a quick and seamless transaction, but it also eliminates the need for bank approvals, making the process more efficient.

Pay bills

You’ll be surprised to know that your Bitcoins aren’t just for big purchases; you can also use them to pay for everyday bills. BTC payment gateways are increasingly popular, making it possible for you to settle utilities, credit card debts, and even your rent using Bitcoin.

Providers like BitPay and CoinGate act as middlemen, converting your digital currency into the local fiat currency of your service provider. This means it’s not just tech-savvy businesses that can accept your Bitcoins, but virtually any company.

Nonetheless, it’s a convenient, modern payment solution.


Benefits of using Bitcoin for purchases

When you use Bitcoin for purchases, you’re embracing a world of financial freedom and numerous advantages. You’re sidestepping traditional banking systems, dodging hefty transaction fees, and enjoying the benefits of faster, global transactions.

Unlike credit or debit cards, Bitcoin transactions don’t link to your personal identity unless you choose to do so. You’re not just buying goods or services; you’re also buying anonymity.

The freedom to send or receive funds anywhere in the world at any time should not be overlooked. There are no bank holidays or borders with Bitcoin. You’re in control of your money 24/7.

Bitcoin also offers protection from potential inflation. As a digital asset, Bitcoin has a finite supply, making it resistant to inflation. You’re potentially protecting your purchasing power in the long run.

Bitcoin transactions are irreversible, reducing the risk of fraud for merchants. Once you’ve sent Bitcoin, there’s no turning back unless the receiver decides to send it back to you.

Using Bitcoin for purchases offers you a unique blend of privacy, freedom, protection from inflation, and security.

What to keep in mind

Despite the enticing benefits of using Bitcoin, it’s essential to keep certain factors in mind before diving into cryptocurrency transactions. Bitcoin, like any other investment, comes with risks. The value of Bitcoin is highly volatile, meaning it can rapidly increase or decrease in value. This can lead to significant losses or gains, so you need to be prepared for this uncertainty.

You should also be aware of the legal implications of using Bitcoin. In some countries, cryptocurrency transactions are heavily regulated or even illegal. It’s crucial to understand the laws in your country before you start using Bitcoin.

While Bitcoin transactions are technically anonymous, they’re also public. This means that anyone can view the details of a Bitcoin transaction, including the addresses involved. Be sure to use precautions to protect your privacy.

In all, Bitcoin offers exciting opportunities, but it’s not without its challenges. Do your research, understand the risks, and use caution when making transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Store Bitcoins Securely for Future Purchases?

You can store your bitcoins securely using a digital wallet. It’s a secure way to hold your bitcoins for future purchases. Just make sure you’re using a reputable service and you’ve set strong security measures.

Are There Any Legal Implications of Buying Goods With Bitcoins?

There can be legal implications when you’re buying goods with bitcoins. It’s crucial you understand the laws of your country regarding cryptocurrency transactions. Always consult a legal expert if you’re unsure.

How Does the Value Fluctuation of Bitcoin Impact Purchasing Power?

Bitcoin’s value constantly fluctuates. When it’s up, you’ve got more purchasing power. But when it drops, your Bitcoin’s worth diminishes, affecting what you can buy with it.

Can Bitcoin Be Converted Back Into Traditional Currency After Making Purchases?

Yes, you can convert Bitcoin back to traditional currency after making purchases. It’s often done through a digital marketplace where you’d sell your Bitcoin for traditional currency, like dollars or euros.

What Are the Tax Implications of Buying Goods With Bitcoins?

When you buy goods with bitcoins, you’re subject to capital gains tax. Essentially, you’re selling an asset (BTC) to make a purchase, so any increase in Bitcoin’s value since you acquired it is taxable.


In 2024, Bitcoin has evolved into a versatile currency, allowing users to seamlessly integrate digital assets into various aspects of daily life. From purchasing the latest electronics on platforms like Overstock and Newegg to booking flights with AirBaltic or securing accommodations through platforms like Travala and Expedia, Bitcoin’s reach spans across industries.

This digital currency isn’t limited to tangible goods; it extends to luxury items like high-end watches, jewelry, and even precious metals. Bitcoin users can also explore the realms of entertainment by subscribing to streaming services like Netflix or buying video games through platforms like Coingate.

The advantages of Bitcoin transactions go beyond convenience. They offer privacy, financial freedom and fast transactions. However, users must navigate the challenges, considering the volatile nature of Bitcoin’s value and legal implications in their respective countries.

As Bitcoin continues to reshape traditional payment methods, the year 2024 stands as a testament to its expanding influence. Whether you’re looking to furnish your home, enjoy a gourmet meal, or even purchase a car or house, Bitcoin opens doors to a world where digital currency seamlessly integrates into the fabric of daily transactions, providing a modern and efficient way to engage in the global economy.

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