Top 3 Websites to Buy Free Fire Gift Cards With Crypto

Are you looking to buy Free Fire gift cards with crypto as a way to get Free Fire diamonds? You’re in luck!

In this article, we’ll provide comprehensive information on the top 3 platforms to buy Free Fire gift cards with crypto.

We’ll discuss what Free Fire is, what you can do with Free Fire diamonds, and how to redeem Free Fire gift cards.

What is Free Fire?

Free Fire is a free-to-play battle royale game for mobile devices that puts up to 50 players against each other to be the last one standing. It has a variety of features, such as character progression, flashy skills, and engaging combat. It’s compatible with any type of mobile device, so players can experience the game regardless of their hardware.

The competitive scene in Free Fire is also noteworthy, with many popular streamers and content creators dedicating themselves to mastering the game. There are many tips and tricks that can help players maximize their gameplay, as well as an active community of gamers willing to provide help to newcomers.

Free Fire’s success has had a huge impact on the mobile gaming industry, and it’s now one of the most downloaded and highest-grossing mobile games globally.

What is Free Fire gift card?

Free Fire gift card can be redeemed in your Free Fire account and exchanged for Free Fire diamonds. Other than that it is just like any other standard gift card.

What can you do with Free Fire Diamonds?

With Free Fire Diamonds, you can purchase exclusive in-game items and participate in events such as Luck Royale and Diamond Spin. You can acquire Free Fire Diamonds by completing in-game tasks, exchanging in-game currency, or purchasing them with real money. These diamonds can be used to buy exclusive items like weapons, skins, and characters.

In comparison to in-game currency, Free Fire Diamonds are more valuable because they can be used to buy exclusive items that can’t be obtained with in-game currency alone. Free Fire Diamonds can give you an edge over other players by allowing you to participate in events and acquire rare items. Therefore, the use of Free Fire Diamonds can greatly impact your gameplay and competitiveness within the game.

Best websites to buy Free Fire gift card with crypto

If you’re looking to purchase a Free Fire gift card with cryptocurrency, you have a few options.

Cryptorefills, Coingate, and Coinsbee are all excellent platforms to buy from.

However, each has its own unique features and benefits, so it’s important to do your research before deciding which one to use.


For those looking to buy Free Fire gift cards with crypto, Cryptorefills is one of the best websites to do so.

Cryptorefills values your privacy, only requiring an email address to make a purchase. Plus, it has a loyalty program that rewards customers with cryptocurrency for each purchase. It supports BTC, ETH, USDC, USDT, LTC, DOGE, LOOKS, DAI, MIM, FRAX, and EUROC.

Free Fire gift cards can be purchased in denominations from $1 to $20 or up to 2200 diamonds. Cryptorefills also has an excellent customer support to help with any queries.

free fire gift card cryptorefills


Coingate is one of the best websites to buy Free Fire gift cards with crypto. Their payment processing services for cryptocurrencies are reliable and convenient, allowing users to make purchases with ease.

Purchasing Free Fire cards from Coingate offers several benefits, such as a promo where you can receive 10% extra diamonds and no registration needed. Additionally, Coingate ensures the security of crypto transactions with its advanced security features.

Compared to other platforms, Coingate stands out due to its reliable payment processing services, convenient purchasing process, and secure transactions.


You can get your Free Fire gift cards from Coinsbee, one of the best platforms for buying them with crypto.

With Coinsbee, you benefit from no KYC requirements for payments of up to 1000 euros and over 100 different cryptocurrencies. Coinsbee supports any wallet, has integration with Binance Pay, and offers no transaction fees if you use it to process the payment.

Coinsbee offer FF Gift Card in denomination between $1 and $20.

How to redeem a Free Fire gift card?

To redeem a Free Fire gift card, follow these steps carefully:

  1. Log in to your Free Fire account.
  2. Visit Garena Topup Center.
  3. Select Free Fire from the list of games.
  4. Choose Garena Voucher/Garena PPC.
  5. Input the code you received.
  6. Click Confirm to add the diamonds to your Free Fire Account.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Secure Are the Payment Methods for Buying Free Fire Gift Cards With Crypto?

Cryptocurrency payments are more secure compared to fiat payments due to the fact every transaction is verified and secured through cryptography.

What Other Video Games Can I Buy With Cryptocurrency?

You can buy plenty of games with crypto. If you want to learn more, check this guide:

What Is the Minimum Amount of Crypto Required to Buy Free Fire Gift Cards?

As of the time of the writing, the minimum amount of crypto required to purchase an FF gift card is $1.

Are There Any Additional Fees Associated With Buying Free Fire Gift Cards With Crypto?

There may be additional fees depending on the cryptocurrency that you pay with, based on the network and gas fees.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for Purchasing Free Fire Gift Cards With Crypto?

You need to be of the age of full legal capacity in the country in which you are residing before purchasing gift cards.


Overall, buying Free Fire gift cards with crypto is a great way to get the most bang for your buck. With a range of platforms from which to choose, there’s something to suit every budget.

Plus, the gift cards are easy to redeem, making them a convenient way to get the most out of your Free Fire experience.

So, why not give it a try? You won’t regret it!

Please note: this article is not financial advise. It is purely for educational purposes.

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