Justin Sun: HTX crypto exchange resumes after DDoS attack, throws shades at USDT

Cryptocurrency exchange HTX, along with its associated decentralized autonomous organization, has successfully resumed operations following a significant DDoS attack last Friday. Crypto industry leader and HTX advisor Justin Sun confirmed the restoration of services, which had been disrupted for approximately 15 minutes, in a statement released on his social media platform.

This incident is not the first security challenge for HTX. In September 2023, the exchange was exploited for about 4,999 ETH, equivalent to $7.9 million, as reported by blockchain security firm PeckShield.

November saw another major incident, involving two Sun-associated protocols, HTX and Heco Bridge. The latter, a bridge for transferring funds between Ethereum and the energy-efficient blockchain Heco Chain, was compromised along with HTX for a total loss of around $100 million, according to cybersecurity firm Cyvers.

Sun fires at Tron, cites UN money laundering reports

In a related development, Sun recently addressed a report by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). The report claimed that Tron’s blockchain is a preferred tool for money launderers and fraudsters in East and Southeast Asia, citing the stability, ease, anonymity, and low transaction fees of using the top stablecoin USDT on the Tron blockchain.

In response to the UNODC report, Tron challenged its accuracy, emphasizing its active collaboration with top on-chain forensic partners. This collaboration involves exchanging information about blockchain transactions, which Tron considers crucial for the industry.

“Tron actively engages with leading on-chain forensic partners to exchange information regarding transactions on the blockchain, which play a vital part in the broader industry,” the company said. “Tron Network takes pride in staying on the frontier of the blockchain industry, which is a decentralized technology by design used for good.”

While supporting the UN’s position against malicious activities in the blockchain arena, Tron pointed out that it’s not accurate to assume that decentralized platforms like Tron or Ethereum can exert direct control over how their open-source technology is used.

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